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Wrigley Field Construction Update: November 8

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Some photos from a quiet Saturday afternoon at Wrigley Field.

There wasn't much work going on at Wrigley Field on a chilly Saturday when the temperatures struggled to get to the mid-40s in Chicago.

However, BCB's David Sameshima made a visit to the corner of Clark & Addison and filed this report:

The streets around the ballpark were quiet today. No utility work being done out on the streets. They quickly started work on Sheffield Avenue now that the demolition phase is done. Contractors were digging in the area around the right field bleachers. While I was there, it looked like people were walking around the ballpark in groups.

I know there have been both individuals and groups that have come to Wrigley Field hoping to have tours, or at least see the ballpark intact from the outside, only to be somewhat disappointed that the park is now a construction site. In many ways, in the offseason when there's no baseball, the Wrigley restoration project is just as interesting to watch.

We'll have more photos during the week as the project continues.