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A Jon Lester Song: 'Lesterday'

BCB's Danny Rockett parodies the Beatles classic "Yesterday" to welcome Jon Lester to the North Side.

Photo: Getty Images. Photo Illustration: Mike Bojanowski

I usually wake up a few times during the night, with last night being no exception. Tossing and turning, I reached for my phone at 4 a.m. and saw a text from my buddy Lyle, "Cubs sign 3 time All-Star LHP Jon Lester." I was so excited, instead of trying to fall back asleep, I started favoriting and retweeting tweets for about an hour. Eventually, I drifted back to finish my dreams, all that much sweeter knowing Jon Lester is playing for the Chicago Cubs.

Paul McCartney said he wrote the song "Yesterday" in a dream, and when he woke up the song was right there for him to write down. So it was with me this morning when I awoke inspired to write "Lesterday."


Lesterday, the World Series seemed so far away

Now I can’t wait for opening day

2015 starts Lesterday

Suddenly the Cubs have an ace who’s a lefty

Can’t wait to watch him pitch at Wrigley

Jon Lester is a Cubby

Thank you to Theo!

Cause you got Jon Lester paid

We’ll remember you

When the Cubs go all the way!

Lesterday, we told MLB we came to play

Plus we stole Joe Maddon from the Rays

And last year we ripped off the A’s

Cubs are spending dough

Montero, behind the plate

It’s been six long years

since the playoffs in 08

Lesterday, the Cubs could be in a pennant race

The damn Cardinals in second place

Oh I believe in Lesterday