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Wrigley Field Construction Update: December 9

After a busy Lester-day, the construction photo series resumes.

Wednesday was a big day for the Cubs as Jon Lester news took over this site for pretty much the entire day.

Now, let's continue our look at the ballpark where Lester will take the ball April 5 against the Cardinals. BCB's David Sameshima filed this report -- note, these photos are from Tuesday. We'll have Wednesday photos later today or early tomorrow.

There were some new fences along part of the Sheffield Avenue sidewalk, so today I was limited in my Sheffield side photos. In addition, truck traffic was busy on Waveland. I only had one opportunity to walk up to the fence, to take photos. At one point, a Subaru driver got so frustrated he drove eastbound on the Waveland sidewalk to reach Seminary (photo 4). I didn't have to time to stay to see exactly what type of work was being done here.On the Sheffield Avenue side, they were busy working behind the center-field bleachers. On Waveland Avenue, just west of the park, there was a build up of equipment waiting for their turn to enter the job site.

Given that work is gearing up, and with good weather expected for at least the next week, the construction crews can make up for some of the time they lost during November.