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Wrigley Field Construction Update: December 10

Wednesday was a big day for Cubs fans for other reasons, but the Wrigley Field project continued apace.

While all of you were celebrating Jon Lester's signing with the Cubs during the day Wednesday, work continued at Lester's new home at the corner of Clark & Addison in Chicago.

It was a cloudy afternoon when BCB's David Sameshima visited the ballpark. He wasn't able to make any detailed notes on this visit as he had other assignments that prevented him from spending a lot of time at the park. The two things he did note that had changed Wednesday were the fences continuing to grow, and the new tall equipment now placed on Sheffield. The latter is a very good sign, as that means that concrete work can now begin, or at least can start soon.

One interesting thing you'll note in the photos is that the top couple of rows of bricks on the left-field wall immediately adjacent to the foul pole (which is in the area where I sit, section 301) are being removed (photos 14 and 31-33). This is likely because that area is going to have another long, skinny LED board similar to the one in right field.

We'll have photos from Thursday here either later today or tomorrow.