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Wrigley Field Construction Update: December 11

It was a brilliantly sunny day in Chicago Thursday, a good day to work at Wrigley.

BCB's David Sameshima visited Wrigley Field Thursday afternoon and filed this report.

Thursday was bright and sunny, which hindered me from taking certain photos. They continued to redo the fencing along the Sheffield side. When I was leaving, I saw new tarp-covered fences being lifted in along Clark inside the existing barricade/fence combinations there. I couldn't stay to see where the new fences were going.There was much activity along Sheffield. Out on the street, it appeared that they were digging up more areas of the street for utility work again. There were also some work crews working on the bleachers. There was also a crew digging another hole on Waveland in front of Murphy's. I also saw a no-parking sign on the auto repair shop on Addison across from the ballpark (photo 1). It looks like there will be more utility work done there, during the next month.It was pretty quiet on Waveland during my visit. Just as well, since I was looking/taking photos into the sun.There was lots of activity in the triangle lot, including use of those "marshmallows". I did get photos of men lifting them (photo 36-39). From the sound they made, they sounded like styrofoam.There was also a concrete truck pouring on Sheffield just south of the bleacher main gate area. I saw another concrete truck in the Clark Street "lane."I also have an example of why not to attempt to take photos along the Clark Street fence (photo 16). All you need is a semi-trailer truck or another large truck or bus to drive by. Not much room.

We'll have photos from Friday, likely tomorrow. Also, David was going to try to get over to the Wrigleyville area to see what was going on with TBOX, an annual pub crawl that has in the past brought very large crowds to the area near Wrigley Field.