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Wrigley Field Construction Update: December 12

Friday afternoon, it seemed as if a lot of work was getting done at Wrigley Field.

Friday was the first of several days in the Chicago area where temperatures soared into the 40s and 50s... good days for outdoor construction work. BCB's David Sameshima visited Wrigley Field Friday afternoon and found quite a bit of work ongoing:

Addison was reduced to two lanes outside the ballpark due to utility work. This could be a long month for Addison Street motorists. Sheffield was busy with activity. Drilling and boring was taking place in right-center field. They were still securing the utility excavations on Waveland Avenue in front of Murphy's when I arrived. It was apparent that a lot of work had been taking place here earlier in the day.It was relatively quiet on Waveland during my visit, but then deliveries started occurring. Concrete was being poured in left-center field.The triangle lot was busy too. Especially active was the northwest corner (adjacent to Clark & Waveland).

Even after the temperature drops later this week, there are no big snowstorms predicted, which means they should be able to continue work. Now that concrete-pouring has begun, I think we'll see the job start to ramp up quickly.