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Wrigley Field Construction Update: December 13

Things were a bit different in the area around Wrigley Field on Saturday.

This update is going to be a bit different than most, because in addition to some construction work going on at the Wrigley Field project, Saturday was TBOX Day in Wrigleyville. That brought out a lot of people who otherwise wouldn't be around the ballpark on a December Saturday afternoon. BCB's David Sameshima filed this report.

Work did continue at the ballpark. I was able to still take quite a few photos of the work, even without having much time to be in the area. There were concrete and dump trucks still entering and leaving the ballpark. The drivers probably had issues navigating in Lakeview today.Of course when I don't have time, there were so many things to photograph. I wish I could have walked a bit along Clark Street to properly convey the size of TBOX, but I limited myself to just taking photos from the Clark/Addison intersection. The sidewalk barricades extended north to Grace Street. I'm not sure how far south the sidewalk barricades were in place.Still, compared to previous TBOX afternoons, it seemed subdued to me. There were TBOX participants everywhere, but they weren't spilling out on to the streets. The sidewalks were still clearly usable. There were plenty of private security, CPD and city TMA (traffic) staff out on the street. The TBOX photos were all taken around 2 p.m.Traffic was still a mess, very similar to what it would be during a Cubs game. Cars were badly backed up on Addison, and slightly backed up on Clark.

David did not visit the park on Sunday, but is planning a Monday visit and we hope to have those photos here tomorrow.