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Cub Tracks Likes The Number 34

Jon Lester was introduced as a Cub on Monday. More details of his contract came to light. A player to be named later is given a name. Plus Atari 2600 analogies, a strange injury quiz, and bad news for arachnophobiacs in Tuesday's Cub Tracks.

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Here's the latest from around the web:


  • [VIDEO] In case you missed the Jon Lester press conference live, here's a portion of it. I have to wonder a bit about him, though, because he didn't button his jersey all the way.
  • What were some of the other factors that swayed Lester to Chicago? According to Carrie Muskat, they included the Cubs camouflage hats and the fact that Tom Ricketts likes to go hunting. And if that's not enough to get you to read this story, I'll throw in a quote from Theo Epstein about how he was ready to soak himself in deer urine if need be.
  • Another reason why Lester is a good fit for the Cubs, according to Phil Rogers: Institutional memory.

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