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Wrigley Field Construction Update: December 15

Work is starting to ramp up at Wrigley Field.

While Cubs baseball management was introducing Jon Lester to media downtown, work on Lester's new home continued to pick up. Patrick Mooney of CSN Chicago wrote that Lester was given as much of a grand tour as could be had under the circumstances:

The Cubs had already sent Lester a 15-minute video on the first day of free agency before hosting him on a brutally cold November day, with Wrigley Field under construction and looking like something out of a zombie apocalypse movie.The Cubs brought the Lesters into the presentation room inside the team’s Clark Street office building, showing them a scale model of the renovated stadium and pictures of what the new clubhouse will look like. A video board showed his lifetime batting average (.000) as an icebreaker.The Cubs unveiled the blueprints for the new family room and outlined all the security measures in place and the personal services offered to players. The Cubs pointed out that they fly the fewest miles of any team in baseball – stressing that all the day games allow you to be home with your family at night – and that you could even live in the neighborhood.

Ted Lilly's old house on Waveland is back on the market -- Lester could buy it and walk to work. But this shows how even the beginnings of construction, which won't be complete until Lester's deal is halfway done, can help attract free agents to the North Side.

BCB's David Sameshima added these remarks from his Monday visit:

There was lot of activity at the the ballpark today. The photos cover pretty much what was going on. Motorists still confused by what is happening on the streets. As I was leaving, a white Cadillac was traveling northbound on Clark Street. Instead of merging left, where Clark now narrows due to the construction work, the driver stays to the right and almost drives through the work gate into the job site lane. The worker at the gate had to wave down the driver to stop, and merge left.There was no utility work taking place on Addison Street, so the street was wide open on Monday.

We hope to have more photos here tomorrow.