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A Cubs Christmas Album

BCB's Danny Rockett is spreading the word about his new very unofficial Cubs holiday album!

Danny Rockett

Well, that was fun: Having my song parody "Lesterday" go viralish. As of midday Thursday, the YouTube video had more than 29,000 views and only 5 dislikes. The Chicago Tribune and MLB Memes reposted it, they played it on the Ivy Envy podcast, and a couple dozen people followed me on Twitter. The song even put me back in touch with an old friend!

To be honest, if I had known that many people were going to see it, I would have done a better job. Thus, I felt it necessary to top myself and produce a Cubs music video of epic proportions (for a guy with a basic working knowledge of iMovie).

Behold! A Cubbie Christmas Album is born!

I couldn't decide which Christmas song to parody, so I parodied parts of half a dozen holiday carols. This video also gives you a little window in what I do for a living as a comedy script parody writer for syndicated morning radio, and how I spend my winters holed up in a home studio making stuff.

Enjoy! Happy Holidays Cubs Fans!