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2014 Ballpark Blueprint Contest Answer/Winner

Thanks to everyone who entered.

Before I tell you the correct answer to the trivia question posed in the Ballpark Blueprint Poster Contest, a few bits of information.

The entry deadline for this contest was Wednesday, December 17 at 4 p.m. CT. 86 people sent in entries. Of those, 54 had the correct answer.

The question was:

Name the only major-league team in the lively-ball era (since 1920) to go homerless in the first 32 games of a season.

The correct answer is the 1943 Cubs, who went homerless in their first 32 games before Bill Nicholson hit two on May 30, 1943 against the Boston Braves. That war-depleted Cubs team wasn't very good. They went 74-79 and finished fifth, and hit only 52 homers all year. 29 of them were hit by Nicholson, who led the National League.

A few people who submitted the correct answer also pointed out that the Cubs had a 43-game homerless streak that had begun with the last 11 games of the 1942 season.

Some of you submitted the 1926 Boston Braves as the answer. While that team did have a 33-game homerless streak, Jimmy Johnston had homered for them in that season's first game, after which they failed to homer for 33 games. The question, though, specifically asked for the team that was homerless in the first 32 games of a season.

The winner, drawn randomly among the 54 correct answers, is Pat Canty. Pat, if you'll email me with your address I'll have your poster sent to you.

Thanks again to everyone who entered. I've got another giveaway coming up soon with a different trivia question.