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Wrigley Field Construction Update: December 17

The weather is being quite cooperative so far this month.

Slowly but surely, the Wrigley Field construction crew seems to be making up for time lost while design changes were being made and water-main work on Sheffield delayed starting on the right-field side. BCB's David Sameshima had just a few comments on his Wednesday visit to the ballpark:

It was a busy day at the ballpark with a lot of activity. One point I neglected to comment on Tuesday was that there were no lane closures on Addison Street. Again on Wednesday, there was no utility work taking place on Addison, despite the no parking signs. From the looks of many of these photos, it appears that they're working quite rapidly on concrete work on both Waveland and Sheffield and they might be able to start putting up the steel superstructure of the new bleachers soon. I still haven't quite been able to figure out why there are cinderblocks on the top of the left-field wall (that's the newer portion of the wall closest to the foul pole, seen best in photos 33 and 36). Anyone have any guesses?

We should have more photos here tomorrow.