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Wrigley Field Construction Update: December 19

Work continued at a good pace on Friday.

BCB's David Sameshima last visited Wrigley Field on Friday and hopes to be back Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for more photos. He found quite a bit of work ongoing at the ballpark and filed this report:

With many more trucks accessing the job site, the work gates are being left open to accommodate the regular stream of vehicles. This is giving me more opportunities to take photos, through the open gates. It has been encouraging to see the amount of concrete trucks, making deliveries.On Friday, it was interesting to see the large number of holiday shoppers on the streets. I have never seen saw many walking around with Cubs Store shopping bags.

With weather still cooperating, I would imagine the steel superstructure of the bleachers will begin to go up soon, along with the supports for the Jumbotron. I still say that they'll finish on time for Opening Night April 5, assuming the weather continues to cooperate.As noted above, our next photo post here should be on Tuesday.