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Wrigley Field Construction Retro: December 2005

Here's another look back at the construction project from nine years ago.

Throughout the photo documentation of the Wrigley Field construction project this offseason, I've been occasionally posting photos from the bleacher reconstruction project that took place nine years ago, in the offseason of 2005-06.

Here are 36 photos from mid-to-late December, 2005, just about nine years ago from right now, so you can compare the progress of the current project to what was being done at this time of year in the previous project.

The caveat, of course, is that this year's project is on a much larger scale. In addition to rebuilt bleachers now, there's also a Jumbotron going up and street utility work done by the city of Chicago. Some of that work delayed the current project as they had to finish water-main work on Sheffield before they could get the heavy construction equipment there.

As you can see, there was considerable steel superstructure already in place by this time in 2005. You can also see that there was snow on the ground at that time and my recollection is that December 2005 was considerably colder than December 2014 has been.

Still, if they can get this kind of steel superstructure up soon, they should be able to finish on time.

The first six photos in this gallery were taken on December 12, 2005; the next 17 on December 17, 2005 and the last 13 on December 24, 2005.