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Cub Tracks Ramps Down For The Holidays

As Christmas approaches, news slows down at the major outlets. But the blogs are keeping busy with stories including re-molding, international spending, potential destinations, and using sound to change taste in Tuesday's Cub Tracks.

Michael Adamucci/Getty Images

With three days left until Christmas, I can finally say that I have all of my shopping done. It's not as bad as a few past years where I was still scrambling around on Christmas Eve trying to get it finished. I guess that means I've honed my procrastination skills a bit better. For now, at least.

Not much new over the past couple of days, but here's the latest from around the web:

From the Chicago Tribune via RedEye Chicago:

From Cubs Den:

From Chicago Cubs Online:

From Cubbies Crib:

From Chicago Cubs 101:

Today's food for thought: