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Wrigley Field Construction Update: December 23

Our Christmas Day series of photos from Wrigley continues with photos from Tuesday's work -- or lack thereof.

There still hasn't been much work done, at least not that was visible to BCB's David Sameshima on Tuesday, December 23:

It was a bright, mostly sunny, day in Chicago Tuesday, which is the worst type of lighting, for my purposes, in taking photographs of the the work site. There were moments in the afternoon when it turned into a bright overcast sky, much better for me.I was surprised to see no major work taking place in the bleachers. We haven't had such a mild weather day in quite a while. It's too bad that they weren't able to take full advantage of this.The triangle lot was very active today. Lots of machine driving pilings, or steel beams, into the ground. That was very encouraging to witness.They have removed quite a bit of the inner bleacher wall next to Gate Q in right field (photos 32-33). The brick wall was likely in bad condition and that portion has to be replaced.

Most interesting to me is the rezoning sign posted on Sheffield and the buildings it refers to (photos 4-5). If any of you are familiar with Chicago zoning laws, please post and let us know what this might mean for these two rooftop clubs.

Hoping to have Wednesday photos for later this afternoon; if not, they will post tomorrow.