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Cubs Sign Minor-League Righthander Anthony Carter

The Cubs have made a few minor-league signings recently.

Mike McGinnis/Getty Images

You know it's a slow news day when this is the biggest thing I have to report to you:

Not only is that a not-major piece of information, it actually happened eight days ago, according to the timestamp on that tweet. It's worth mentioning because of the NRI; Carter has never pitched in the big leagues but the Cubs apparently think he could be in the bullpen mix:

A split contract is different from what most minor leaguers get. As noted, Carter will make a bit more than the big-league minimum (which currently sits at $515,000) if he makes the major-league squad.

Carter was the White Sox' 26th-round pick in 2005. He'll turn 29 the day before Opening Day and has spent time in the Red Sox and Padres organizations the last two years. Here's his complete minor-league record; it's pretty middling. According to this post from our SB Nation Padres site Gaslamp Ball, Carter signed with the Nippon Ham Fighters in Japan last April. Here's his NPB record from 2014.

At best, he surprises and makes the Cubs' bullpen. At worst, he's roster depth at Iowa. He looks like the next version of Blake Parker to me.

This transactions page at Baseball America lists several other signings the Cubs made between December 13 and 23, one of which I posted here on Tuesday. None of them will likely have any major impact on the team.

Told you it was a slow news day.