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Starlin Castro Detained For Questioning In Dominican Republic Shooting

We have little information on this; here's what we know now.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Just two weeks after Cubs shortstop Starlin Castro was peripherally involved in a shooting incident in the Dominican Republic, he's reportedly been arrested in connection with another shooting. Here's a report in Spanish from Enrique Rojas at ESPN Deportes.

Google Translate is (mostly) helpful:

Colonel James Matthew Slimer, spokesman for the Dominican National Police, said that Castro is being held at the prosecutor's office of Montecristi, northwest of Santo Domingo, where he was interrogated for his alleged involvement in the shooting that took place in a nightclub that city.

The police spokesman said that some people close to Castro participated in the shooting, which left six people injured, including one in serious condition.

Montecristi authorities said a man named Jeremiah Martinez was taken to hospital José María Cabral y Baez Santiago seriously injured as a consequence of the lawsuit alleged employees faced mayor of Montecristi with a brother and several bodyguards Castro.

If there's anyone here who's a native Spanish speaker who can help us with a better translation of the paragraphs above, please do.

Here's one more bit of information:

It would seem, though, that someone's got to sit down with Starlin Castro and talk with him about avoiding these types of situations.

More info as available.