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Wrigley Field Construction Update: December 24

In which we begin to catch up on photos from the holiday week.

Due to the holidays, we haven't been able to bring you photos from last week's Wrigley Field construction work until today. Today, we'll catch up on photos from last Wednesday (Christmas Eve) and Friday (Friday's photos will be along this afternoon).

Here's what BCB's David Sameshima wrote me about Wednesday's work:

There was work taking place at Wrigley, but only in certain areas. They were digging in two locations in the bleachers. The rest of the bleacher areas were eerily quiet. There was also work taking place in the triangle lot.

To me, the most interesting photos in this set are the ones along the right-field wall, where you can see the entire section of the inner wall near the right-field line has been removed. Whether this was because of a construction accident (speculation I know some of you made when earlier photos were posted) or whether this was planned in the first place is impossible to know.

Photos from Friday will post Monday afternoon at 1 p.m. CT.