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Wrigley Field Construction Update: December 1

There was still not much going on at the ballyard on Monday.

I've been on the road the last two days heading to the BCB Winter Headquarters in Arizona; that's why this post is delayed and I thank Josh for looking after things while I was driving.

Now, on to the particulars of this update. BCB's David Sameshima visited Wrigley Field Monday and filed this report. Tuesday's report is still to come.

There was some work taking place on the Sheffield side. They appear to have excavated an opening in the street near where Gate Q is located. I didn't notice any significant changes on Waveland or in the triangle lot. There was no utility work in progress outside the ballpark either.There was noise emanating from the upper deck area behind home plate. It sounded like a compressor running. It was so noticeable that it was amusing watching all the passing pedestrians glance upward to see where the noise was coming from.The team has put up their holiday tree. I arrived just as the workers were completing the installation, on the northwest corner of Clark and Addison.It was cold, in the 20s, and snow flakes started coming down during my visit. It wasn't enough to stick, so nothing accumulated on the ground.Cubs security have new high visibility traffic vests. They now have different style vests compared to the other workers with lettering that reads "security."

I had mentioned that I had run into several Cubs security people while I was at the ballpark on Sunday; they were all running to a meeting that was being held inside the park, as they all put hard hats on and entered the work area. The end result of that meeting, among other things, must have been the new "high visibility" vests.

It would seem to me that they're going to have to start getting the project in high gear if they want to finish on time. Weather's supposed to cooperate this week, with temperatures possibly in the 40s by week's end.

We'll have more photos a bit later today.