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Wrigley Field Construction Update: December 29

Now we're getting somewhere.

I visited later in the day than I normally do, arriving at 3:30 p.m. At first, there didn't appear to be a lot going on, but as I walked around I could see that more work had taken place around the job site. They had excavated more of the right-field bleacher area along Sheffield. There was new utility work taking place on Sheffield around the right-center field area. They were covering the open space with steel plates when I arrived. I hope this won't be another delay to the project.On the Waveland side, quite a bit of the left-field bleacher area has been excavated. In the far left-field corner, you can see how much has been done to prepare for laying the foundation. They have excavated quite a bit out into Waveland. There is now only enough room for one lane of traffic on Waveland.They were also working in the triangle lot during my late afternoon visit, in the process of lowering one of those huge steel beams into the ground on the Clark Street side of the lot.There were still portable work lights scattered around the job site. Last week I took a photo of a truck hauling away a number of work lights. It is possible those lights belonged to a contractor that had completed their work. Not really sure, but glad to see there are still work lights on site. I hope this indicates that they are working during the early evening hours, up to the 8:00 p.m. city cutoff time.

I also received an email from Mike Bojanowski which I think explains a bit more about why that corner of the right-field inner wall was removed:

It seemed obvious that the inner wall in the right-field corner was in especially poor shape, as was the double gate. It didn't surprise me to see them both come down. It had occurred to me during demo that they were having particular trouble with that section. Perhaps that request for expanded gate openings was related to this. I saw a worker sawing at some of the inner wall bricks, which are (were) stacked up nearby on the job site, perhaps to clean some of the mortar away. I'd keep an eye on Cubs Authentics over the next little while.

So it seems as if that wasn't a demolition mistake, but something they had needed to do all along but had put off due to other work taking priority. That's the way it seems to me, anyway.

We should have more photos here tomorrow.