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Wrigley Field Construction Update: December 30

Lots of ongoing work on both sides of the bleachers was happening on Tuesday.

The work at Wrigley Field appears to be switching into high gear despite the very cold weather, as BCB's David Sameshima reports:

Well, it was cold. Very cold. Also, it was very sunny, which made it difficult to take photos. I had to use my compact camera to shoot through the chain link fence. The bright contrast lighting required me to make many exposure adjustments, which I could not do while wearing gloves. The buttons are far too small.There was a another city public notice posted on the Sheffield Avenue fence (photos 3-4). They were continuing excavation work in right field. There was no work taking place on Sheffield where they had just started utility work in the street. With all the dirt from the project, the steel plates on Sheffield were already very well camouflaged. If I did not know they were working at this spot on Monday, I might never have noticed the steel plates in the street. In left field the work taking place was very visible. A large crane was being used to lift buckets of concrete from trucks parked on Waveland into the bleachers, near the interior wall. It was a slow and tedious process. There was ongoing work in the triangle lot with lots of things being lowered and pounded. This is when I noticed that new decorative tarps had been added to the Waveland Avenue side of the triangle lot. These are the same logos that the team displayed around the fences at Clark and Addison, when they had the official press conference to announce the start of the Wrigley "1060 Project". I then saw that they were starting to attached a decorative ivy patterned tarp to the top of the fences on Waveland next to the firehouse. I will have to see if they will continue to add these new tarps to the top of all the fences around the ballpark. This may curtail my views into the job site.

The public notice for the buildings at 3633 - 3639 N. Sheffield matches the one that was posted here last week -- looks like many of the buildings in the area are being rezoned.

It's 95 days until Opening Night -- still more than three months to go. I believe, as noted by many others here, that once the foundations are in, the rest of the work will begin to go very quickly.

I think they'll be ready by April 5.