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South Bend Cubs Unveil New Logo

The Cubs new Midwest League affiliate announced their new look.

South Bend Cubs

The new Cubs low-A minor league affiliate in the Midwest League changed their name from "Silver Hawks" to the "Cubs," so they needed new uniforms and a set of new logos. Today at a press conference at Four Winds Field in South Bend, the South Bend Cubs revealed their new look. This includes a new primary logo, four secondary logos and new caps and the home uniform. They may be the team of Northern Indiana, but they will be sporting a look that would be right at home on the North Side of Chicago.

South Bend Billboard

Clearly, the SB Cubs aren't straying far from their parent company's look, and their look will certainly appeal to baseball traditionalists. The primary logo is the Chicago Cubs logo with one set of additional bands of red and blue with "South Bend," ivy and a bat an ball on the red band.

The bear face logos are very similar to this Cubby Bear Logo that the Cubs used from 1979 to 1993 on uniforms and that is still seen on throwback merchandise. But South Bend's bear face is rounder and with more details that give it a more menacing look.

The other two alternate logos differ more from the look in Chicago. The SB is a simple, stylized merger of the two letters in cubbie blue.  The bear catching a ball is outlined in red and is wearing a cap with the "SB" on it. That's the one that differentiates the minor league affiliate the most from the parent club,

Four caps and the home uniforms were also revealed.

South Bend Uniforms

Again, the home uniform will appeal to traditionalists as the pinstripes and logos are a direct take on the Chicago Cubs look. The new SB Cubs primary logo replaces the circle "Cubs" on the left breast and the new South Bend "Fielding Bear" logo replaces the "Walking Bear" logo on the right sleeve. Otherwise, they are identical to the iconic Chicago Cubs home uniforms that we all know and love.

The caps show a little more variation. The main cap is used both at home and the road and features the new South Bend "Cubby Face" logo rather than a "C", which wouldn't make much sense for South Bend. They do have a primary alternate cap in red with the blue "SB" script on it, which is likely have more appeal to the local fans who are White Sox or Tigers fans. Finally, there are two white caps with the blue "Cubby Face" on it. Those are nice for the fan who wants something a little different but still wants something with a strong Cubs connection to it.

Also today, the team formerly known as the Daytona Cubs needed to announce a new team name and look with the Cubs moving their high-A affiliated to Myrtle Beach. Daytona is now a Cincinnati Reds affiliate, but they went with a more local theme.

They are now the Daytona Tortugas, which is Spanish for turtle. Their green color will make them stand out a lot in the Florida State League, as every other team in the league uses blue, red or orange for their look. The now-departed "Surfing Cub" was one of my favorite logos, but the new ones have a similar appeal. We thank Daytona for all their years as a Cubs affiliate and we wish them luck with their new look and their new organization.

We also wish the South Bend Cubs good luck with their new logo and we look forward to seeing the new uniforms and caps in action at Four Winds Field. And maybe some of these caps will be seen in the stands at Wrigley Field this summer as well.