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Wrigley Field Construction Update: December 4

Work is beginning to pick up, albeit slowly.

BCB's David Sameshima returned to Wrigley Field Thursday afternoon and found that work was beginning to shift into somewhat higher gear:

They were in the process of moving the concrete barricades onto Clark Street when I arrived. Crew on Waveland Ave may also have been taking their lunch break when I arrived. As a result, there was little activity on Waveland. It did appear that they have been working on the Waveland side.The same excavation area in front of Gate Q on Sheffield has been filled in. Unfortunately, they have dug out another area next to it. The new dig is not as large as the last one. The one open area, next to the Sheffield Avenue curb is still there too.

David also took a few photos of the preparations for the Cubs' tree-lighting ceremony that took place in the early evening on Thursday. I'll have more photos here later today of that, and we'll have more construction photos tomorrow.