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The Wrigley Renovation Nation Challenge

BCB's Danny Rockett is taking the Wrigley Renovation Nation Challenge. Let's get renovating!

A Renovation Sunset
A Renovation Sunset
Danny Rockett

I returned from the 'sordid travels' of the 2014 Cubs baseball season 20 pounds heavier than when I went to Spring Training.  A steady diet of specialty ball park hot dogs washed down with beer propelled my weight from a svelte casino-going dude hanging out with a drunk Swedish Blue Jays fan during the Cubs Vegas Weekend...

Drunk Swedish Bluejays Fan

To the fat guy with a lampshade on his head at the New Years Party.

Two Headed Rockett

Two Heads and Three Chins

This picture was taken at the last game of the season at Miller Park, where I noticed a rather unflattering reflection in the sun glared window.

Home Run Belly

My home run belly is just fair!

This isn't my first baseball season fattening. In fact, it pretty much happens every year. Whereas most people lose weight in the summer from being outside and active, I usually gain 15 to 20 pounds from baseball, brats, and beer. Finding it hard to climb the steps of my three-floor walkup without getting winded, it seemed time to put myself under construction. It's renovation time at Wrigley Field and at Chateau Rockett.

The holidays are not an easy time to lose weight, but here's my plan. I will regularly bundle up and briskly walk to the lake, then walk over to Wrigley Field and back home. Which depending which path I take is at least a good hour and a half  to two hours of walking. I can renovate myself while keeping tabs on the Cubs renovation.

Ronny and Rockett

If Ron Santo can play a Hall of Fame career with diabetes, I can lose 20 pounds!!

Of course I'm trying to eat better. It's just as easy to make a salad as a cheese sandwich. My problem is late night binge snacking and/or beer. The days it's too crappy to go outside, I've been throwing one-man dance parties, much to the chagrin of my downstairs neighbors.

The offseason is obviously not good for my sanity.

But this winter, Wrigley Field and the shell of meat I must live in the rest of my days are both under construction. The ultimate goal is to not be embarrassed to take my shirt off on the berm at Spring Training in March, at which point I'll start the whole process of getting fat off hot dogs and beer all over again. But as long as I have that one pasty white chested moment in the sun, I'll be happy.

I started my Wrigley Renovation Nation Challenge and have already dropped five pounds! 15 more to go to get back to my drunk Swedish Blue Jays fan casino weight!

So what's your renovation? Be like Wrigley and change that thing you want to change about yourself by Opening Day next year. It doesn't have to be weight. You can change anything you want to change, and by April 5, You, Me and Wrigley Field will be renovated! (At least temporarily.)

Take the Wrigley Field Renovation Challenge!