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Wrigley Field Construction Update: December 5

They're making progress. It's slow, but progress.

These photos are from Friday; BCB's David Sameshima visited that afternoon and filed this report:

There was a large excavation earlier this past week in front of Gate Q. This is the trench that almost went across Sheffield. When they refilled that space, they opened up another portion of the street just north of it in the middle of Sheffield. Friday, they were filling in the recent hole. What confused me was that they appeared to be redigging dirt from the previous site to fill in the newer site.On Waveland, there was work in progress. I don't know what they were doing, so all I can tell you is to look at the photos. Just happy to see work in progress on that side.There was also much activity on the west side of the ballpark. The concrete barriers were all almost in place, along the Clark Street side. They were still setting up during my visit. Clark Street traffic could be tight during the duration of this layout. All you need is one car of sightseers to stop and that would back up traffic. One car waiting to turn into McDonald's would do it too.What worries me are sightseers attempting to stand along the Clark Street fence line to view the project. This could be dangerous with the amount of truck and bus traffic that goes down Clark. Also, Clark Street is a bike route, so you'll have bicycles whizzing by the fences. There's also the construction vehicles going by. The streets are getting dustier, so the assigned street sweeping truck is being kept busy. Also, the workers at the gates are constantly sweeping their areas

We'll have more photos here tomorrow -- those photos will be from David's visit on Saturday.