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Jon Lester Monday Rumors: 'Near The Finish Line'

It could be another long night of watching Twitter.

Picture Jon Lester in pinstripes flipping this baseball to Anthony Rizzo
Picture Jon Lester in pinstripes flipping this baseball to Anthony Rizzo
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Will Jon Lester become a Chicago Cub for the next six seven seasons? Or will he return to his old friends in Boston? Or will he feel the lure of the southern California beaches or northern California gold? Do I have any more clichés to post here?

Not really. What I do have is some information:

Now, define "tonight" and "tomorrow" in this case. Is this Pacific time, because the Winter Meetings are being held in San Diego? Is it Central time, because Lester wants to get accustomed to the time zone he'd be living in if he signed with the Cubs? Or, is that Eastern time because Lester lives in Atlanta and he's doing all of this from the comfort of his home?

We don't know the answers to any of those questions. "No later than tomorrow" could mean the end of the day Tuesday, not just before midnight tonight in whatever time zone you're currently in.

That's all mostly silliness, anyway. We don't really have any further information on Lester than we had a day ago; offers are out there and the choice, now, is up to him. The "Final Four" teams connected with Lester are the Cubs, Red Sox, Giants and Dodgers and it'd be a huge upset if there were a "mystery team" other than those four that would swoop in and sign him.

Obviously, we all hope it's the Cubs. All we can do now is wait.