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Jon Lester Monday Evening Update: Cubs, Red Sox, Giants Still In

It's heading toward evening in San Diego, so let's summarize what's happened Monday.

Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

Jon Lester is still a free agent. This, you know.

There have been multiple tweets about him during the day Monday. Some said the Cubs and Giants were the last two teams in the hunt for Lester and the Red Sox were out. This Boston Globe article says Lester will choose no later than Tuesday, and tweets from Lester's agent said the Red Sox were still in the running.

Of course an agent would say that. Why wouldn't he? He's likely trying to get more money for his client.

Marino Pepén, who has been a reliable source in recent weeks, tweeted this in the early evening in Boston:

Roughly translated, that says:

SOURCE: #RedSox make a counteroffer to Jon Lester ... Tonight ends the novel, stay tuned !!! #MLB

That one, I actually believe. It would seem that the Cubs and Giants have their final offers in and Lester might have gone back to Boston management to see if they'll match. Or not. This is what often happens during Winter Meetings week -- too much information out there, so it's difficult to sort through what's real and what isn't.

One thing I also believe:

That would make a lot of logical sense.

Just thought I'd give you another place to discuss Lester rumors during the evening. Given what seems to often happen with Cubs news like this, Lester's likely to have a news conference in the middle of the night. I'm hoping he at least waits till morning.