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Cubs Minor Parts: Zack Godley

This part of our continuing series features another of the Cubs' 2013 draft picks.


Zack Godley, righthanded pitcher, 6-3, 235

Drafted by the Cubs in the 10th round in 2013

Possible landing spot in 2014: Low-A Kane County

In the current draft setup, the 10th round of the draft is almost more valuable from a budget standpoint than a talent standpoint. While the slotted amount for the round was $139,000, any money saved on signing the 10th-rounder can be re-routed to another selection. Would a team select a player in the 10th that they can sign cheaply, just to get a body in camp, and spend the rest on an earlier selection?

I'm confident many teams do just that. Zack Godley signed for a reported $35,000. He pitched quite well against the (often much younger) hitters in the Northwest League (1.75 ERA, 0.974 WHIP in 13 relief appearances, with 27 strikeouts and only five walks in 25⅔ innings), and figures to get a chance in Kane County. My guess would be as a reliever, though he may have enough of a reputation for a shot at piggy-backing.

All told, he saved the team over $100,000 against the cap, and aided Boise in their playoff run. Anything else will be icing on the cake. Don't rule him out, though. He was a decent pitcher in the SEC.