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Colonel A. Sling Twit (Cubs Roster Anagrams)

Yes, it's that time of year again.

Brian Kersey

I've done this before -- in 2011 and again last year, and with things being kind of slow for the Cubs these days and it being a weekend, I thought it would be fun to once again put all the names on the Cubs' 40-man roster through the Internet Anagram Server at For even more fun, I've added the non-roster invitees.

See if you can figure out which Cubs player matches each of these anagrams. I've added some punctuation in some of them to make them funnier, and mixed them up by putting them in alphabetical order by anagram. I've pretty much given away the player anagrammed in the headline to this post by the photo. See if you can figure out the others.

A Lapel Froze
A Nerdy Satanical Arm
A Teak Jar? Ire!
A Zebra Jive
Actual Rhymes
Archival Saki
Asking Law? Not.
Barren? I'd Yawn.
Barren Story
Bra Leak? Perk!
Cabaret Laborer
Can Haze John's Ant
Chic Joke, Sir.
Civilian Hunts Larvae
Class Rant Trio
Claws Lepers
Clinked Her Sky
Colonel A. Sling Twit
Czars Cop Us
Daisy Washout
Die, Elite Wish
Do A Crazy Vision
Drop, Presto!
Ear Oil Junk
Guano Gin Jurist
Has Conch Girl
Hi, Yak Snarl
Hot China Seltzer
I'd Savor Two
If Fazed, Jam Jars
Inhuman Organ Can
Irritants Belch
Jab Honker
Jean Windsock
Jeer, Or Logs
Jots Thrives
Just Rimming
Labeled Laser
Meatball Roar
Mica Hermit
No Trench Odor
Old Nerd Clam Land
One Vascular Villa
Prison Cellmate
Puny Drone: Him
Radio Man Rover
Rich Sir Sun
Sly Rare Book
Smalls Jeer Us
So Jars Eve
Tall Berm Trash
Tent Rack Jobs
Toe Milk
Took Reggae Star
Try Bra Skin
Visual Nebula
Why, Sweet Girl!
Yen Are Newsy
Zanier Miler
Zany Honor Zit

There were no anagrams for Jeudy Valdez, Tommy Hottovy, Kyuji Fujikawa or Matt Szczur.