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'Wrigley Field, Year By Year' Trivia Question Contest

Enter to win this cool book!

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You've read today's earlier review of "Wrigley Field Year By Year." Now, here's your chance to win a copy of this terrific book, by answering a trivia question.

This one, I assure you, has just one correct answer, and it's not easily searchable on baseball-reference. I'll choose one winner at random from BCB readers who submit by email to me at this address, the correct answer to the following trivia question:

Four times in the history of Wrigley Field, a pitcher has registered all three putouts in a half-inning. On just one of those four occasions, those three pitcher putouts included an unassisted putout. Name the pitcher who did this.

In order to be fair to everyone, I'm closing comments on this post -- all answers must be submitted by email (and please don't post the answer in the book review post, either). If no one submits a correct answer, the book will be awarded by random drawing; if there is more than one correct response, same deal -- the book will be awarded by random drawing among the correct responders. So even if you don't think you know the answer, send in a guess -- you could still win. Remember, one entry per person.

The contest begins as of the time of this post (noon CT, February 13) and will end at 12 noon CT Monday, February 17. I'll announce the winner shortly after that. The official rules of the contest can be found at this link (link opens .pdf).

Good luck!