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Cubs Spring-Training Season Tickets: Gorgeous

The Cubs have done a great job over the last couple of years with their season-ticket designs for Wrigley Field. Now, they have brought that design goodness to Mesa.

I've had season tickets in Mesa for about five years. The HoHoKams, who handled ticket sales for the Cubs when they played at HoHoKam Park, used to send out the same tickets as you could buy at the box office to season-ticket buyers.

The Cubs have taken over ticketing at Cubs Park, and the new season tickets for Mesa arrived yesterday. You can see the tickets for each game in the gallery above. I have to say, these are beautiful, just as nice as the Wrigley Field season tickets. The Cubs did a great job of including photos from the ballpark -- a park which hasn't yet hosted a single game. You probably can't tell from the scan -- or maybe you can -- but the ticket for the inaugural game, February 27 against the Diamondbacks, has "Opening Day", the Cubs logo at the top, and "Chicago Cubs" at the bottom in a reflective silver color, and embossed.

You can't beat the price, either -- $8 for lawn tickets is the same as recent years at HoHoKam, though individual game prices are a bit higher.

The ticket book also says, regarding team workouts:

Practice and workouts will be held in the Cubs Park complex, just west of the ballpark. Practice times vary throughout Spring Training. The first full-squad workout will be held Wednesday, February 19. The entire facility is open to fans to enjoy except the primary ballpark, which will only be open for games. There will not be a charge for parking on days when there are only workouts.

I'm planning to head to Mesa to see this first workout, possibly others, and if they play intrasquad games as they did last year, I'll probably attend those too. If you're in the area, you should come by and see the Cubs work out at the new complex.