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Cubs Sign Emilio Bonifacio

The move I didn't want them to make, they've made.

David Banks

You probably think I was avoiding posting this news on purpose:

Truth be told, I was out doing what many people do on Saturday mornings -- running errands. Buying tickets for the February 28 Cubs/Angels game in Tempe, if you must know.

I just saw this move as kind of pointless. The Cubs have players in camp already (Ryan Roberts, Chris Valaika) who can do what Bonifacio can do. Bonifacio's best year was 2011 with the Marlins, when he hit .296/.360/.393 with 40 stolen bases in 51 attempts. Even that produced just a 107 OPS+, a bit above average, and last year, split between the Blue Jays and Royals, he hit just .243/.295/.331, an OPS+ of 72, although he did manage 1.3 bWAR, half of which (0.6) was his defensive value.

I suppose Bonifacio's ability to play shortstop and his versatility are worth having in camp, and on a non-roster invite, he costs virtually nothing.

I'm sure BCBer elgato is rejoicing this afternoon.