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WGN Cubs Song Contest Update

WGN is holding a Cubs song contest to win the chance to have your song played before every Cubs broadcast. BCB's Danny Rockett took your suggestions and produced what he hopes will be the contest winner.

Singing Cubs Fans
Singing Cubs Fans
Danny Rockett

First, thank you all for your suggestions and advice after my last post. Most BCB commenters and poll voters agreed that bluesy classic rock would be the way to go with this WGN radio song contest entry. Mix in a little modern rock guitar, and what you have is a Cubs song that I've listened to so many times, and mixed so many different ways, that I simply have no perspective as to whether it's any good. During moments of this mix, I felt like Carlos Marmol trying to throw a strike last spring or Matt Garza attempting a throw to first base!

For this song banally named "Let's Go Cubs," I capitalized on my sister's kids love of singing and yelling, and recorded them remotely in my nieces closet with bed spreads hung up to deaden the acoustics. When you're trying to win a popularity contest such as this one, it's important to add children to your act. The "cute" factor and youthful energy truly enhances the track that otherwise might have sounded like an aging rocker Cubs fan hoping for a little publicity. Heh... it probably still sounds like that anyway…

In the spirit of crowd sourcing this song, BCB readers G. Kurtis and F. Sullivan reached out to me to play some horns and guitar on the track. We are emailing and hopefully can find the time to get together and burn some tape.

Singers and shouters! I could use a couple different voices shouting "Let's Go Cubs", and singing the chorus. If you have a home studio and can record yourself well, I'll replace my octuple-tracked voice with yours!

I'm also looking for a bass player to replace my keyboard bass as it's always better to record live talented musicians for rock and roll, than a music nerd at a computer.

Finally, if someone has great mastering gear to finish off the track and give it radio sparkle, "Let's Go Cubs" needs you!

For all of it, email me here.

My hope is that by the deadline of February 28, we will have a song that can belong to Cubs fans around the world and all of us here at BCB. Who's in?

What do you think of the tune?