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BCB Book Contest Winner!

Read below to find out if you're the winner of a copy of "Wrigley Field Year By Year."

The correct answer to the trivia question posted last Thursday in the "Wrigley Field Year By Year" contest post is Rick Reuschel, who did it in the top of the third inning against the Cardinals April 25, 1975. Incidentally, despite spotting the Cardinals three first-inning runs that day, the Cubs won the game 4-3 and finished the day 10-4, 2½ games in first place. (Unfortunately, that didn't last.)

The original trivia question mentioned there were four games in which a pitcher had made all three putouts in a half-inning at Wrigley. As some astute entrants pointed out, there were actually five. In addition to Reuschel, the other four are:

July 22, 1986, Ed Lynch, top of the first vs. Padres
May 23, 1990, Mike Harkey, top of the fourth vs. Dodgers
June 2, 1998, Brian Meadows (Marlins), bottom of the 2nd vs. Cubs
September 5, 1999, Darren Dreifort (Dodgers), bottom of the 4th vs. Cubs

The additional game doesn't change the correctness of the answer -- Reuschel is still the only one to register an unassisted putout as one of the three.

I received 48 entries to this contest. 33 entries submitted the correct answer, so as before, I used the random number generator at to generate a random number to choose the winner among those 33.

The winner is Desmond Hui. Desmond, email me with your address and I'll send you your book. Congratulations!

Thanks to everyone who entered, and I hope to be able to do more of these later this season.