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Cubs Spring Training Uniform Number Changes

The Cubs have some new players in camp, so some spring numbers have been adjusted.

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

At the end of January, I published the then-available 2014 Cubs By The Numbers uniform-number list.

Since then, the team has added pitchers Jason Hammel and James McDonald to the 40-man roster, and Brett Marshall (claimed by the Reds) and Brooks Raley (claimed by the Twins) have been removed.

So, the following uniform numbers on the original list have changed:

Hammel will wear No. 39. Casper Wells, originally listed as No. 39, changes to No. 66. Neil Ramirez, originally listed as No. 66, will wear No. 85.

McDonald will wear No. 55. Alberto Cabrera, who has worn No. 55 in the major leagues in parts of the last two seasons for the Cubs, will switch to No. 62. Jose Castro, quality assurance coach, who had No. 62, will wear No. 74, which had been worn by Brett Marshall.

That leaves Raley's No. 43 available, and that number could be taken by Emilio Bonifacio when he reports to camp later this week, or maybe he'll take some other number, prompting switches like the ones above.

Hey, some of us are into this sort of thing. Thought you'd like to know.