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2014 MLB Draft Prep Gets Grounded

Due to the storms in the southeast, the college baseball schedule was a bit irregular.


My computer decided Friday would be a really cool day to get all wonky. We aren't on speaking terms now. All things considered, my computer issues somewhat mirrored what was going on in the college ranks. What wasn't cancelled might have been delayed or altered to a new venue. As I write this, the schedule still hasn't been entirely played. Nonetheless, games happened, and some players had some really good weeks.

In case you wonder how Jeff Hoffman from East Carolina did, Baseball America tells you.

One thing I'm doing this season a bit better (at least for now) is examining some options at 2.4 (fourth pick in the second round) as we go. For me to put a player in the pile for 2.4 isn't me being dismissive of them. If a guy represents a ten or higher WAR, I'll probably be happy with him being acceptable in the second round. feel free to toss some names underneath, and I might highlight him later on.

To start, I'm going with Luke Weaver from Florida State (pictured above). The 6-2 junior walked the first hitter he faced, then stifled Niagara for six hitless innings. To be entirely honest, it was the second day of playing outdoors for Niagara, but you pitch against the team you're scheduled to. Weaver figures to be a mid-late first round pick. His velocity is low-to-mid 90s, which is valid enough for him to have a nice career, perhaps better than some of the earlier picks. However, few would project Weaver to be a front-end starter on a really good team. To pick him at 1.4 would be foolish. To pass on him at 2.4 would be similar.

Another game I listened to was the Indiana game, as I wanted to hear Kyle Schwarber play. A solid-hitting catcher at the college level, both power and standard hitting, he also drops to a candidate for 2.4. Two problems limit him from an earlier pick. One is his work behind the plate. Not that he is bad behind the dish. However, to pick him that early, you have to think his bat is more Mike Piazza than Mickey Tettleton. As there are enough questions on the lefty hitting catcher, I'd imagine that Team Theo would go for something safer, with higher upside, or both.

One of the fun names that might get some attention early is Touki Toussaint. He sports three potentially plus pitches, but may have a bit of 'repeatability' issues. Add in that he might not have enough size to remain a starter, and he is doubtful at 1.4. Or likely to be left at 2.4. SB Nation's Matt Garrioch goes further in depth on the 6-2, 195 prep senior.


More from those two games: Jordan Schwartz from Niagara was hit rather hard by a good Florida State team. That said, Schwartz showed some nice off-speed stuff, both a curve and change-up. Schwartz won't be an early pick, but the team that gets him might get a decent arm, Friday's result notwithstanding. FSU has some solid hitters that would help any system, The question is, would they make it as solid big leaguers? D.J. Stewart was their best hitter yesterday.

Indiana is a hitter-ish team. The Hoosiers' leadoff man doubled on the first pitch. Schwarber grounded him to third on the second pitch, and scored the game's only run on the fourth. The Hoosiers pitching was roughed up in the rest of the series,

Despite not getting to California, North Carolina State got in some work over the weekend. Carlos Rodon was tagged with a loss in a 3-0 opener against Canisius. Trea Turner apparently legged out a bunt single, reaching on the push bunt in 3.42 seconds. He also represented with the glove. Baseball America brought cameras.

Tyler Beede went five innings, striking out seven and walking one, in an outing against Long Beach State. He gave up one hit and an unearned run. The catch with Beede is, if he pitches too well, he'll probably get swallowed up by the White Sox or Marlins.

One early candidate for the Jonathan Gray Helium Award is TCU lefthander Brandon Finnegan. He was sitting in the high 90s against Jacksonville on Friday, fanning 13 over seven innings in a 5-0 win. As they provide a free audio stream, I might have to look into him further later on.

Questions? Post below, and make Draft Prep a better source.