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Fun With Cubs Photo Day!

You write the captions!

Every spring, each major-league team has all its players in full uniform to have their pictures taken by both team photographers and photographers from other photo services. These photos are used on official team releases, on the Cubs website and other baseball websites, and various other places.

Photographers can get quite "arty" with these photos at times, as you can see above. So rather than just identify the players -- which I'll do anyway -- and write a caption for each photo, I figured I'd give you the chance to have some fun with your own captions on these 24 player photos. I've picked some of the regulars, some bench players, some pitchers and at least one prospect, just a random selection from the more than 150 photos I found in our photo editor.

Enjoy this trip through Cubs photo day. Just another example of how you might think baseball is a glamorous life, but it really isn't.

Just two more days until these guys are on the field at Cubs Park playing their spring-training season opener, and the inaugural game at the new ball park, against the Arizona Diamondbacks.