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Cubs, Samardzija $100,000 Apart; Arb Hearing Monday

Really? $100,000?


Via Bruce Levine:

My first thought was, "Really? That little?" $100,000 wouldn't even fill one-quarter of the bleachers for a marquee-priced ($76 after fees) game this year. It's one-fifth of the minimum major-league salary for 2014.

To recap, Jeff Samardzija asked for $6.2 million and the Cubs offered $4.4 million. The midpoint of those numbers is $5.3 million. You wouldn't think it would be so difficult to meet in the middle, and if the Cubs are refusing an extra $100,000, an amount equivalent to the sale of about 14,000 beers at Wrigley this year, it would seem that the atmosphere between Shark and management must be pretty poisoned.

That's the way I see it, anyway. Perhaps they'll settle on a figure before Monday's scheduled hearing; if not, the Cubs have their first arb hearing since 2010 (Ryan Theriot) and just the second since 1993 (Mark Grace).