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The WGN Cubs Song Is In the Can!

With fabulous contributions from BCB readers, the WGN Cubs contest song is finally finished! BCB's Danny Rockett dreams of having his original song played before every Cubs game. Will he win?

World's Greatest Fans
World's Greatest Fans
Jonathan Daniel

Thank you all for your opinions, contributions, and encouragement. When the poll results were finally tallied, nearly 60 percent of you said the song was good enough to enter the contest with, just over a quarter felt "Meh" about it, and 16 percent said the song made you "wish you were a Sox fan." With numbers like that, I could be president!

No matter your opinion, the painstaking job of conceiving, writing, recording, performing and producing the song is finished and I hope I never hear it again. Kidding. I'd like to hear it at least 162 more times.

I was thrilled that a handful of BCB readers reached out to me to record for the track, including Lucas and Stephanie Shaffer, and their (step)son Hunter Peterson who recorded an exuberant "Let's Go Cubs" chant. Also, trombonist and trumpeter Gary Kurtis, who came through in the final hour with some awesome horn parts that he wrote and recorded!

I shortened the intro and changed the name of the song to "World's Greatest Fans" from "Let's Go Cubs" (the last WGN song contest winner was titled "Let's Go Cubbies" by the Fold, and I didn't want to rip it off!). I also bribed my sister's kids with a trip to Nickel City Arcade for one more recording session to beef up the "kids" presence on the song, increasing the "family friendly" cute factor by 32.6 percent.

So, what happens next? WGN will choose their favorite 10 songs or so and have the fans vote online. If "World's Greatest Fans" is a finalist, you can rest assured I will be back on this blog cajoling you to vote for me! If not, it's the last you'll hear from me on this matter….

Regardless of whether or not I win this contest, which includes the opportunity to be recorded by WGN, and play the song live Opening Day at the Captain Morgan's Club on the Steve Cochran show and a Cubs VIP Party, it was a wonderful experience crowd sourcing this song with all of you! Thanks!

If you want to hear me sing this song live, I'll be playing a few Cubs songs in addition to my original eclectic comedy punk folk music at Rogue Bar in Scottsdale, Arizona at 6 p.m. Sunday, March 9, after the Cubs game. If you're in town for spring training, come say howdy! It's free!

As an artist, I'm used to working hard with only exposure as compensation, but this musical project is special because it belongs to all of us here at BCB. Even the 16% who said my song made them wish they were a Sox fan….

Here it is!