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Jeff Samardzija And The Diamondbacks: A Match?

Could the D'backs have renewed interest in Shark?

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODA

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona -- While we wait for today's spring-training game against the Angels, let's consider a trade possibility that has gone back and forth between the front and back burners all winter.

Jeff Samardzija was recently named the Cubs' Opening Day starter. Now, you'd think that would preclude a trade, but you know how that works. If he's traded, the Cubs just rearrange their rotation. It's been done many times, including on short notice last July when Scott Feldman was swapped to the Orioles.

With the likely season-ending injury to the Diamondbacks' Patrick Corbin, you'd have to think that D'backs GM Kevin Towers, who was rumored to be interested in Shark as long ago as last summer, would have renewed interest in the Cubs righthander.

But who would the Cubs want in exchange? In his "411" series, BCB's Kevin Aumiller had a look at what the Cubs could potentially be interested in from the D'backs system.

Obviously, it's not going to be Archie Bradley, the top D'backs prospect, who could slot into Arizona's rotation despite not having pitched above Double-A). But who else could the Cubs go for in exchange, if they were interested in trading their Opening Day starter?

So, have at it. What would you want from the D'backs in exchange for Shark? That ought to keep you busy until game time.