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Cub Tracks Shows Off Its Socks

Games are under way, so it is time to dress appropriately. A number of players are making early impressions. Today's edition bounces all over, from prospects going good to memories of prospects gone bad. Some players are answering the challenge. And one is selling awesome socks. There are a bunch of good links today, so click away.

Sweet home, Chicago.
Sweet home, Chicago.
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  • Kris Bryant is building off his Arizona Fall League success during his first big league camp.
  • Rick Renteria anticipates variables in the new replay system.
  • (Video included!) Kris Bryant signaled what's to come when he absolutely smashed a home run against the Angels. Not really seen in the video, Albert Almora had doubled ahead of Bryant, so he scored on the blast. Be still, my beating baseball heart.
  • (Video) Darwin Barney smacked a homer, too.
  • Starlin Castro is really responding to the approach by his new manager.
  • After mixed results against the Halos, Chris Rusin and James McDonald see areas for improvement.
  • This is probably the best and worst link of the day all at the same time. NRI outfielder Aaron Cunningham has awesome socks. The good news? They are awesome. So what's the downside? I could totally see this becoming a thing that gets ruined by Lincoln Park trixies at the ballpark.


From the Chicago Tribune

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