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2014 Cubs Season-Ticket Design: Awesome

The Cubs have again outdone themselves with their Wrigley 100 season tickets.

Courtesy Chicago Cubs

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona -- I have not yet received my season tickets, being in Arizona for spring training, and perhaps you haven't received yours yet either. They should be coming soon, from what I'm told.

If you haven't, the above photo is a sample of what you'll be seeing when they do arrive. For a larger version of the photo, click here.

All of this year's tickets have an image of a previous year's Wrigley Field scorecard or program. The samples above are from the 1950s; you've already seen some of these beautiful Otis Shepard-designed scorecard covers in this post made last winter here at BCB courtesy of Mike Bojanowski, who owns all of those scorecards and who helped out the Cubs by providing images of some of the older ones. The "Wrigley Field/Los Angeles" cards are identical to the ones used at Wrigley in Chicago in those years; at the time, the old Pacific Coast League Angels were the Cubs' top farm club.

I'm told the season-ticket box weighs several pounds and is a metal "cookie tin" type of box, and includes the "100 Years of Wrigley Field" DVD and, if you paid by check, the large coffee-table size book "A Century of Wrigley Field. The ticket for April 23, the 100th-anniversary date, is an oversize laminated plastic beauty.

As Mike emailed me when he received his tickets: "The ST package is really sweet. The tickets are first-rate. If only designing a winner were as easy."