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Wrigley Field Gets Ready For Opening Day

Some of these still look like winter, but there will be baseball at the corner of Clark & Addison in Chicago two weeks from today.

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona -- BCB's intrepid photographer David Sameshima took advantage of the sunny, mild weather in Chicago Friday afternoon to head to Wrigleyville to see what sorts of activities were happening around Wrigley Field, which has to be ready for baseball between the Cubs and Phillies in just 14 days. Friday, April 4 is the home opener and for those of you who have spent the winter in Chicago, it surely can't come soon enough, even if it's cool outside (which seems likely given the awful winter in the Midwest).

As you can see, the outside of the ballpark is being festooned with banners celebrating the 100th anniversary of playing baseball at this location. Over the past couple of years, similar banners have been placed for Opening Day with player photos. This year, no player photos, just history. That's probably a good thing.

They're doing some paint touch-up work around the bleachers; snow has finally melted outside the Cubs Store across the street from the main entrance (it had been piled as high as that 100th Anniversary sign), and you can see head groundskeeper Roger Baird riding a steamroller-type vehicle across Clark Street, presumably to help get the field ready.

The piles of snow outside the bleacher wall and VIP entrance on Sheffield will be melted by April 4. Right? Right?