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Cub Tracks Waits A Week

Real baseball games that count. Soon. In the final week of spring training, that means the final roster decisions need to be finalized. That means who makes the team, who might get traded, and who plays where.

I am #5?
I am #5?

This time next week, we'll be overreacting to the first game of the season!

From Comcast SportsNet

From Cubs Den



  • C.J. Edwards will make his Cactus League debut today.
  • The roster is taking shape, with a lot of moving parts.
  • Kyle Hendricks talks about getting sent down to minor league camp in his latest diary.
  • This isn't Cub-centric, but is Cub related. Buster Olney argues (Insider) that baseball must do away with arcane service time rules because they are hurting the game.
  • (Video) Jason Hammel talked about his last outing. The results weren't bad, but Jason still wasn't happy.
  • (Insider) Dave Cameron argues the Cubs should trade Jeff Samardzija now. Specifically, to the Arizona Diamondbacks.
  • You have to love this: Texas Rangers GM Jon Daniels thinks last summer's trade for Matt Garza could haunt him. When a rival GM thinks he made a mistake that fast, it's got to make you feel a touch giddy.
From the Chicago Tribune
  • Anthony Rizzo is showing he can hit lefties.
  • Junior Lake's big Sunday may have been the result of some extra at-bats in minor league camp.
  • The Texas Rangers have some injury issues. But the trade history between the teams might have to be on hold for the time being.

From the Chicago Sun-Times


  • Fangraphs had some Sunday notes, including comments on Ryan Kalish vying for a roster spot.

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