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Jeff Samardzija Is Selling His Lakeview Condo

Don't get too excited. This probably means nothing.

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona -- This Chicago Tribune report is intriguing, if nothing else:

Chicago Cubs starting pitcher Jeff Samardzija has listed a three-bedroom, 2,500-square-foot condominium in the Southport Corridor area of west Lakeview for nearly $700,000. 

Samardzija had been renting out the Southport Corridor unit, which was listed last month for $695,000. The Cub pitcher, who lives elsewhere on the North Side, is one of the only current Cubs to own property in the Chicago area.

So before you decide that this means that Shark thinks he's going to be traded, keep in mind that the article says this is a rental property. I'm not sure where Samardzija actually lives, but a couple of years ago I did run into him in the Jewel at Ashland and Wellington. That was a pretty random event -- I was in the cleaners/detergents aisle, and suddenly there's this tall guy with longish hair standing in front of me, instantly recognizable.

Samardzija is a Chicago-area native (Valparaiso, Indiana), so you'd think he likes the area enough to want to stick around. It might not be his choice.

Anyway, like I said -- this likely means nothing, just a point of interest, and another post where you can talk about Shark trade possibilities.