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Wrigley Field Preps For Opening Day April 4

It might still be cold in Chicago, but there are signs of baseball at the corner of Clark and Addison.

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona -- I'm still in Arizona through the weekend, attending the two games at Chase Field, then will be heading back to the Midwest starting Monday.

BCB's photographer David Sameshima is in Chicago, and went by Wrigley Field Thursday to see what was going on at the ol' ballyard.

David reports that all the TV monitors were turned on inside Wrigley -- tuned to MLB Network, it appears -- and that the snow is, finally, all gone and the turf inside, despite the horrific winter weather in Chicago this year, looks tolerably good for playing baseball there one week from today.

I'm always excited for baseball this time of year, regardless of how good or bad the Cubs are going to be. Enjoy this gallery of Wrigley photos, and it's just seven days until the Cubs take the field against the Phillies for the home opener of the 100th anniversary season of baseball at the corner of Clark and Addison in Chicago.