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Cub Tracks Is Ready For Ted

Welcome back, Mr. Lilly. Your attitude is set to be a welcome addition. In other news, Tom Ricketts talks about a wide variety of subjects, including winning, Sammy, and gay players in MLB. Prospect buzz is getting turned to "11" and Gordo goes back to Ryan Theriot's gauntlet.

Ted didn't pitch. He permitted the ball to leave his hand.
Ted didn't pitch. He permitted the ball to leave his hand.
Jonathan Daniel

Weird mix today. See what you think.

From Comcast SportsNet

From Cubs Den


  • There's more to Eric Jokisch than "just" a minor league no-hitter.
  • (Video) Justin Grimm talks about his spring progress.
  • (Video) Javier Baez will be known for his bat, but the kid can chase 'em down on D, too.
  • George Springer is expected to help out the Astros this season. But Jonathan Mayo thinks Albert Almora is a better bet, long-term.
  • NRI outfielder Casper Wells is always thinking about... pitching.


  • Jesse Rogers' chat wrap talks about lessons learned from Brett Jackson and Josh Vitters.
  • (Insider) I'm not sure who (or whom) but at least one Cub prospect made the "most blocked" list.
  • The Cubs are showing they trust Anthony Rizzo.
  • CJ Edwards is gaining respect and weight.
From the Chicago Tribune

From the Chicago Sun-Times

  • Groundbreaking for Wrigley Field was 100 years ago Tuesday.
  • There is no shortstop rivalry between Starlin Castro and Javier Baez. I did like Gordo's reference to Ryan Theriot's "gauntlet."

From the Daily Herald

  • Nothing useful.


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