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Tales From The Virtual Waiting Room, 2014 Cubs Edition

There might be a virtual waiting room for Cubs tickets online today, but you probably won't have time to read the year-old virtual magazines while you're waiting.

Getty Images

SCOTTSDALE, Arizona -- No, the photo above isn't of people who have been waiting decades for Cubs tickets. It's from a line outside Wrigley Field for tickets to the 1935 World Series.

Someday, we hope to have to worry about such things. In any case, if and when Cubs World Series tickets ever go on sale, there won't be lines like that at the ticket windows, because such tickets are sold only online and on the phone now.

This year, for the first day of ticket sales, so are Cubs tickets. The Wrigley Field ticket office won't open until Saturday at 9 a.m. Today is the day for the dreaded Virtual Waiting Room, although I doubt there will be much dread, nor much waiting. Just to remind you of how things used to be, here's the Tales From The VWR post from 2008. The comments are interesting (still a few regulars around from that post), and it seems like a lot longer than six years ago.

Monday, BCBer mikegncb34 wrote this FanPost in which he posted a poll asking people what they were going to do regarding ticket buying this year. Between season-ticket holders and others who answered the poll, about 60 percent said they would be buying tickets this year, the rest said they either wouldn't, or would buy day-of-game or via StubHub or other online sources.

I'm going to repost a similar poll here, because the sample size was pretty small in the FanPost poll.

This post is going up at the time the VWR opens (9:30 a.m. CT); ticket sales begin at 10 a.m. CT online and also at 1-800-THE-CUBS.

If you are buying tickets today, good luck!