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Cub Tracks Is Feeling Taxed

It's the day to pay the tax man (no politics, please). The Cubs' record is already in debt, they're missing Fonzie, Shark is as good as gone, Edwin is still bad, and sloths squeak.

This is probably going to get smashed.
This is probably going to get smashed.
Dilip Vishwanat

Today is also a fantastic day in baseball. The game will celebrate Jackie Robinson today. Thanks, No. 42.

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From the Chicago Sun-Times

  • Al linked this in Sunday's game preview, but I thought some of you might like to discuss further. Gordo says the Cubs have to strike gold deep in the amateur draft in order to compete with the Cardinals. He's wrong, but discuss anyway.
  • A link about a week ago said Justin Grimm still wanted to be a starter. Now, he wants the closer's job.
  • When the Cubs missed out on Masahiro Tanaka, they signed Jason Hammel. The two face off tonight.

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